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Christopher Hull is professor for theoretical physics at Imperial College London.

Selected writings

On D=4 supergravity:

On sigma-models:

On BPS states:

On gauge enhancement:

On T-duality for the supersymmetric sigma-model:

On branes at conical singularities:

On duality in string theory (U-duality):

Introducing the generalized Scherk-Schwarz mechanism:

On D=5 supergravity:

On non-geometric string vacua:

On automorphisms of vertex operator algebras regarded as symmetries of non-geometric perturbative string theory vacua (e.g. Gepner models):

  • Chris Hull, Dan Israel, Alessandra Sarti, Non-geometric Calabi-Yau Backgrounds and K3 automorphisms, JHEP11(2017)084 (arXiv:1710.00853)

On exceptional generalized geometry:

On T-folds:

On double field theory:

On the dual graviton:

On the lift of D8-branes to M-theory M-branes by generalized Scherk-Schwarz reduction, relating to D7-branes in F-theory:

On the D9-brane:

On the M-wave:

  • Chris Hull, Exact pp wave solutions of eleven-dimensional supergravity, Phys. Lett. B 139 (1984) 39 (spire)

On type II string theory and M-theory on spacetime with different signatures:

On D=6 supergravity with 𝒩 = ( 4 , 0 ) \mathcal{N} = (4,0) :

On Lagrangian densities for self-dual form fields:

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