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A Kerr-Schild spacetime ( d,1,g)(\mathbb{R}^{d,1}, g), is a spacetime which is deformation of Minkowski spacetime ( d,1,η)(\mathbb{R}^{d,1}, \eta) whose pseudo-Riemannian metric is of the form

g μν=η μν+Hk mykν g_{\mu \nu} = \eta_{\mu \nu} + H \cdot k_\my k\nu

where kk is a lightlike vector field with respect to both metrics, and HH is any scalar function.


The original article is

  • Roy Kerr, Alfred Schild, Some algebraically degenerate solutions of Einstein’s gravitational field equations, Proc. Symp. Appl. Math 17, 199, 1965

Further developments:

  • Tomáš Málek, Extended Kerr-Schild spacetimes: General properties and some explicit examples, Class. Quant. Grav. 31 185013 (2014) (arXiv:1401.1060)

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