nLab Quantum Gauge Theories -- A True Ghost Story

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Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

algebraic quantum field theory (perturbative, on curved spacetimes, homotopical)



field theory:

Lagrangian field theory


quantum mechanical system, quantum probability

free field quantization

gauge theories

interacting field quantization



States and observables

Operator algebra

Local QFT

Perturbative QFT

This page collects material related to the textbook

  • Günter Scharf

    Quantum Gauge Theories – A True Ghost Story

    Wiley 2001

which applies causal perturbation theory to rigorously construct quantum Yang-Mills theory (quantum chromodynamics and electroweak theory) and quantum gravity as perturbative quantum field theories.

In later editions the title has been changed. The most recent, third edition is

  • Gauge Field Theories: Spin One and Spin Two: 100 Years After General Relativity, Dover, 2016,

with extra chapter 6: Non-geometric general relativity, on inhomogeneous cosmology that is based (it seems) on the article

The analogous discussion of quantum electrodynamics via causal perturbation theory is in

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