nLab black hole in anti-de Sitter spacetime




These are solutions to Einstein's equations which are black holes in spacetimes that far away from the black hole are asymptotic (not to Minkowski spacetime but) to anti de Sitter spacetime.



Under the AdS-CFT correspondence black holes in the anti-de Sitter spacetime translate to the conformal field theory on the asymptotic boundary being at positive temperature (e.g. Duff 99, section 6, Natsuume 15, section 7).

black hole spacetimesvanishing angular momentumpositive angular momentum
vanishing chargeSchwarzschild spacetimeKerr spacetime
positive chargeReissner-Nordstrom spacetimeKerr-Newman spacetime


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See also

Discussion of black hole entropy:

  • Dao-Quan Sun, Ping Li, Xian-Ru Hu, Jian-Bo Deng, Insight into the Microscopic Structure of an AdS Black Hole from the quantization (arXiv:1811.09952)

Discussion via AdS/CFT correspondence:

  • Sinya Aoki, Tetsuya Onogi, Shuichi Yokoyama, What does a quantum black hole look like? (arXiv:2004.03779)

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