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Given an adjoint pair of functors (f *f *)(f^\ast \dashv f_\ast) or (f !f *)(f_! \dashv f^\ast) between two monoidal categories such that f *f^\ast is a strong monoidal functor, then the projection morphism is the canonical natural transformation of the form

Bf *Af *(f *BA) B \otimes f_\ast A \longrightarrow f_\ast (f^\ast B \otimes A)


f !(f *BA)Bf !A f_! (f^\ast B \otimes A) \longrightarrow B \otimes f_! A

respectively. If these morphisms are equivalences then one often calls them the projection formula or the reciprocity relation.


Examples include the six operations setup in Grothendieck context and Wirthmüller context, respectively (in a transfer context both pushforward maps satisfy their projection formula). In particular in representation theory and in formal logic reciprocity is also called Frobenius reciprocity, see there for more.

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Discussion in a context of formal logic:

Discussion in real cohomology for integration of differential forms:

Discussion in the context of Grothendieck's yoga of six functors?:

A general abstract account is in

  • H. Fausk, P. Hu, Peter May, Isomorphisms between left and right adjoints, Theory and Applications of Categories , Vol. 11, 2003, No. 4, pp 107-131. (TAC, pdf)

For the Grothendieck context of quasicoherent sheaves in E-infinity geometry the projection formula appears as remark 1.3.14 in

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