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This page is about the concept in type theory. For the analogous concept in computer science see at polymorphism. For the concept introduced by Shinichi Mochizuki in inter-universal Teichmüller theory, see at poly-morphism.



In (homotopy) type theory, by universe polymorphism one refers to the ability for definitions to be implicitly duplicated at different type universe-levels, with the types they contain. Both Russell and Tarski style universes can be polymorphic or not.

Examples and applications

  • Coq uses Russell style universes and used to have a sort of “fake” universe polymorphism, but recent versions of Coq have real universe polymorphism (thanks to Mathieu Sozeau).

  • Agda uses non-cumulative Russell style universes with universe polymorphism.

  • The HoTT Book (first edition) uses Russell style universes with universe polymorphism.


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