nLab meta directory of personal webs

This full list of personal webs is automatically generated, so it is guaranteed to be up to date.

The following is seriously out of date and none of the information provided should probably be taken at face value.

Activity on many of the webs listed have has long since died out, and (in good part for this reason) new such sub-webs are no longer created.

However, as an aid to building the nn-Community, owners of personal webs are encouraged to put a short description of their personal web here. This is by no means mandatory (particularly in the case of private webs!) and should be seen as a supplement to having a good description on the main home page, and to the author having a good personal entry in the nnLab itself.

As a brief explanation, webs come in three varieties: public, private and published, and private and unpublished. Public webs can be edited and viewed by anyone, while private webs can only be edited by people with the password; published webs can be seen by anyone, while unpublished webs can only be seen by people with the password.

The name of the web is often the name of the owner, or some garbled version thereof.

The owners of personal webs may also want to look at the options for personal webs.

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