't Hooft coupling


In Yang-Mills theory/QCD with coupling constant g YMg_{YM} and with N cN_c colours, the ‘t Hooft coupling is the expression

λg YM 2N c. \lambda \;\coloneqq\; g_{YM^2} N_c \,.


In the large NN limit

The study of Yang-Mills theory in the large N limit but at fixed ‘t Hooft coupling controls the AdS/CFT correspondence:

large N limitN cN_c \to \infty at fixed 't Hooft coupling λ=g YM 2N c\lambda = g_{YM^2} N_c

λ<1\lambda \lt 1λ>1\lambda \gt 1
perturbative Yang-Mills theoryperturbative quantum gravity on AdS spacetime

(Aharony-Gubser-Maldacena-OoguriOz 99, p. 11, Nastase 07, Section 8)



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