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The concept of Frobenius pseudomonoid is the categorification of that of Frobenius algebra. It can be defined in any monoidal bicategory. Since Frobenius pseudomonoids are closely related to star-autonomous categories, they are sometimes called *\ast-autonomous pseudomonoids.


Like a Frobenius algebra, a Frobenius pseudomonoid can be defined in many essentially equivalent ways. Let (K,,I)(K,\otimes,I) be a monoidal bicategory, and let (A,μ,η)(A,\mu,\eta) be a pseudomonoid in KK.

  1. AA is Frobenius if it is equipped with a morphism ϵ:AI\epsilon : A \to I such that the composite AAμAϵIA\otimes A \xrightarrow{\mu} A \xrightarrow{\epsilon} I is the counit of a specified 2-adjunction AAA\dashv A. (Lauda06), (Street04)

  2. AA is Frobenius if it is equipped with a specified 2-adjunction AAA\dashv A, with counit p:AAIp:A\otimes A \to I, and an isomorphism p(μ1)p(1μ)p\circ (\mu\otimes 1) \cong p\circ (1\otimes \mu). (Day-Street 03)

There should also be a definition in terms of an interacting pseudomonoid and pseudocomonoid structure, but I have not been able to find this in the literature.

Note that if KK is a compact closed bicategory, then the 2-adjunction AAA\dashv A can equivalently be expressed as an equivalence AA A\simeq A^\circ from AA to its specified dual object.

Relation to *\ast-autonomy


A star-autonomous category is equivalent to a Frobenius pseudomonoid in the monoidal bicategory Prof whose multiplication AAAA\otimes A \to A, unit IAI\to A, and duality equivalence AA A\simeq A^\circ are representable profunctors (i.e. functors).


See Day-Street 03 and Street04.

Note that the morphisms ϵ:AI\epsilon : A\to I, p:AAIp:A\otimes A\to I, and the induced comultiplication AAAA\to A\otimes A are not representable. A general Frobenius pseudomonoid in ProfProf, without any representability conditions, may be called a pro-*\ast-autonomous category.


There is another relation between Frobenius algebras and *\ast-autonomous categories: (Egger10) shows that cocomplete *\ast-autonomous posets are equivalently Frobenius algebras in the *\ast-autonomous category Sup.


This characterisation of *\ast-autonomous algebras in terms of pseudo-Frobenius algebras can further be refined to characterise autonomous categories. Namely, an autonomous category is a representable pseudo-Frobenius algebra in Prof whose pseudomonoid and pseudocomonoid structure not only are adjoint, but which also satsify “locality” coherence equations Bartlett-Vicary 10.


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