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The Lorentz force is the force exerted on a particle that is charged under the electromagnetic field.

See relativistic particle for details.


In Kaluza-Klein compactifications

If one models the electromagnetic field via the Kaluza-Klein mechanism as a field of gravity on a fiber bundle, then trajectories of charged particles subject to the Lorentz force in the base space of that bundle are euivalently just geodesics on the total space, e.g. (Bleecker 81). An exposition of this fact is in (Bartlett 13).


Named after Hendrik Lorentz.

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The generalization to the spinning particle is discussed for instance in

Discussion of Lorentz force from the point of view of the Kaluza-Klein mechanism is in

  • David Bleecker, Gauge theory and variational principles, Dover publications, 1981.

and exposition is in

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