commutative algebra




A commutative kk-algebra (with kk a field or at least a commutative ring) is an associative unital algebra over kk such that the multiplicative operation is commutative. Equivalently, it is a commutative ring RR equipped with a ring homomorphism kRk \to R.

There is a generalization of commutativity when applied to finitary monads in SetSet, that is generalized rings, as studied in Durov's thesis.

Commutative algebra is the subject studying commutative algebras. It is closely related and it is the main algebraic foundation of algebraic geometry. Some of the well-known classical theorems of commutative algebra are the Hilbert basis theorem and Nullstellensatz and Krull's theorem?, as well as many results pertaining to syzygies, resultants and discriminants.


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Discussion of commutative algebra with constructive methods:

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