nLab gebra theory

Gebras denote algebras, coalgebras and their combinations. Common frameworks include properads.

Bourbaki complained that in Arabic ‘al’ is an article so classical ‘bi-’ for two is incompatible with it. Thus Bourbaki and much of the French school makes it a point to say ‘cogebra, bigebra’ instead of ‘coalgebra, bialgebra’.

In modern algebra, dealing with co-operations AA nA\to A^{\otimes n} instead of only with operations A nAA^{\otimes n}\to A for some monoidal product \otimes, is a specialty of a group of people who are often centered around the study of Hopf algebras, but the subject is much wider including internal co(al)gebras, cogroups in cartesian categories, Tannaka reconstruction, PROPs (which have even operations taking mm arguments to kk arguments, hence generalizing both operations and co-operations), co-operads, bi(al)gebroids, Hopf algebroids, entwining structures, mixed distributive laws and so on. Common tools are graphical calculations (extending also to planar algebras and alike), Sweedler notation and so on.

We may call this area the theory of gebras as in the article

A monograph into Hopf algebra generalizations i

  • Gabriella Böhm, Hopf algebras and their generalizations from a category theoretical point of view, Lec. Notes Math. 2226, Springer 2018

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