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In Euclidean field theory a correlator is an expectation value of observables in a given state. For the product of nn local field observables Φ(x)\mathbf{\Phi}(x) this is also called an n-point function, see there for more.

Euclidean nn-point functions are typically distributions of several variables with singularities on the fat diagonal. Their restriction of distributions to the complement of the fat diagonal hence yields a non-singular distribution exhibiting the correlator as a differential form on a configuration space of points.

Under Wick rotation (if applicable, see Osterwalder-Schrader theorem) this translates correlators to n-point functions in relativistic field theory.

In functorial quantum field theory a correlator is simply the value of the functor on a given (class of) cobordisms.


See most any text on quantum field theory/statistical mechanics.

Discussion specifically of non-perturbative monopole correlators:

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