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A 2d CFT is called logarithmic (LCFT) if it looks like a rational conformal field theory except that some of the 2-point functions may have a logarithmic dependence on the field insertion, in addition to the usual power law (see, e.g. Fuchs & Schweigert 2019, (8) for a clear account).


A classical example of a logarithmic CFT it the “triple algebra of the c=2c=-2 Virasoso model”, see the references below.

More recently it was understood (Gaberdiel 2001, review in Ridout 2010, 2020) that the chiral WZW models at “admissible” fractional levels are examples of logarithmic CFTs, see the references further below. (The WZW model at non-integer-level does not have a geometric sigma-model-description but but it still does make sense as a current algebra/vertex operator algebra/modular functor of conformal blocks).

In fact, the triple algebra c=2c=-2-model turns out to be essentially equivalent to the 𝔰𝔲 ( 2 ) \mathfrak{su}(2) -WZW model at admissible level k=0k = 0 (Nichols 2002, cf. at KZ-equation, here).



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See also:

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  • F. Lesage, P. Mathieu, J. Rasmussen, H. Saleur, Logarithmic lift of the 𝔰𝔲(2) 1/2\mathfrak{su}(2)_{-1/2} model, Nuclear Physics B 686 3 (2004) 313-346 [doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2004.02.039]

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