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A permutative category is a symmetric monoidal category (possibly taken to be internal to Top) in which associativity and unitality hold strictly. Also known as a symmetric strict monoidal category.


(May, def. 1) (Elmendorf-Mandell, def. 3.1).

A permutative category is a strict monoidal category equipped with a natural transformation B x,y:xyyxB_{x,y}:x \otimes y \rightarrow y \otimes x such that:

  • (B x,yId z);(Id yB x,z)=B x,yz(B_{x,y} \otimes Id_{z});(Id_{y} \otimes B_{x,z}) = B_{x,y \otimes z}
  • B x,y;B y,x=Id xyB_{x,y};B_{y,x} = Id_{x \otimes y}

In string diagrams:

Axioms of a permutative category using string diagrams


Every symmetric monoidal category is equivalent to a permutative one (Isbell).

The nerve of a permutative category is an E-infinity space, and therefore can be infinitely delooped to obtain an infinite loop space as its group completion.


In a permutative category, for every object xx, we have B x,1=Id xB_{x,1}=Id_{x}.


Apply the two equations of the definition by putting y=1y=1 and z=1z=1. We obtain:

  • (B x,1) 2=B x,1(B_{x,1})^{2} = B_{x,1}
  • B x,1;B 1,x=Id xB_{x,1};B_{1,x} = Id_{x}

We obtain that B x,1=Id xB_{x,1}=Id_{x} by postcomposing the first equation by B 1,xB_{1,x}.

Note that it is not really possible to do this proof by using string diagrams.

The equation B x,1=Id xB_{x,1}=Id_{x} is taken as an axiom of a permutative category in the references above. This is maybe the consequence of a lack of care about what is an identity natural transformation in the definition of a strict monoidal category. The equations fId 1=f=Id 1ff \otimes Id_{1} = f = Id_{1} \otimes f are of critical importance in the proposition above and they are obtained by requiring that the structural natural isomorphims λ x:1xx\lambda_{x}:1 \otimes x \rightarrow x and ρ x:x1x\rho_{x}:x \otimes 1 \rightarrow x are identity natural transformations. However, even knowing this, the proposition is not completely trivial and appears in a version for non-strict braided monoidal categories in the paper “Braided monoidal categories” (Joyal, Street, 1986).


An original account is in

  • John Isbell, On coherent algebras and strict algebras, J. Algebra 13 (1969)

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