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structures in a cohesive (∞,1)-topos

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Given a cohesive (∞,1)-topos H\mathbf{H}, then then shape ʃXʃ X of any object XX behaves like the path ∞-groupoid of XX. For some H\mathbf{H} this is true verbatim, in that the shape operation is represented by a geometric singular simplicial complex

ʃXim nMaps(Δ n,X), ʃ X \;\simeq\; \underset{\longrightarrow}{\im}_n Maps(\Delta^n, X) \,,

where on the right we have a homotopy colimit over internal homs from a cohesive incarnation of the n-simplex into XX.

This is true for instance for the case

This is due to (BEBP, see Pavlov, theorem 0.2). For XX a stable homotopy type in the tangent (∞,1)-topos TSmoothGrpdT Smooth\infty Grpd this was observed in Bunke-Nikolaus-Voelkl 13


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  • Daniel Berwick-Evans, Pedro Boavida de Brito, Dmitri Pavlov, Classifying spaces of infinity-sheaves Manuscript in preparation.

  • Dmitri Pavlov, Brown representability via concordance (pdf)

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