Schreiber Super-exceptional embedding construction of the M5-brane

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Abstract. The Green-Schwarz-type action functional for the super-membrane in 11d, i.e. for the fundamental M2-brane sigma model, turns out to elegantly arise as the supersymmetric trivialization of the C-field super-space 4-cocycle restricted from 11d-superspace to the M2 brane’s super-worldvolume. This is known as the “super-embedding construction”. An analogous construction of the M5-brane’s GS sigma-model action had remained an open problem. Here we present a result which shows that the M5-brane action, too, does arise from a super-embedding construction – but after first passing from plain 11d superspace to super-exceptional superspace.

From inspection of the resulting 5d super Yang-Mills Lagrangian we find that the extra fermion field appearing in super-exceptional M-geometry, whose physical interpretation had remained open, is the M-theoretic avatar of the gaugino field on the heterotic MO9-planes.

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