Schreiber Twisted Cohomotopy implies twisted String structure on M5-branes

An article that we have written:

Abstract. We show that charge-quantization of the M-theory C-field in J-twisted Cohomotopy theory (Hypothesis H) implies emergence of a higher Sp(1)-gauge field on single heterotic M5-branes, which exhibits worldvolume twisted string structure.

(this homotopy-commutative diagram became the logo of M-Theory and Mathematics 2023)


  • In the expression for 2Γ˜ 72 \widetilde \Gamma_7 on the first and last page the term “Γ˜+12p 1\widetilde \Gamma + \tfrac{1}{2}p_1” should read just “Γ˜ 4\widetilde \Gamma_4”.

    (There are two alternative ways of defining Γ˜\widetilde \Gamma as 12χ±14p 1\tfrac{1}{2}\chi \pm \tfrac{1}{4}p_1, which differ by that summand 12p 1\tfrac{1}{2}p_1. But with the convention that we ended up using on p. 4, this conversion summand is absent.)


Exposition and talk notes on Hypothesis H:

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