nLab CP violation



physics, mathematical physics, philosophy of physics

Surveys, textbooks and lecture notes

theory (physics), model (physics)

experiment, measurement, computable physics


  • Roberto Peccei, The Strong CP Problem and Axions, Lect. Notes Phys.741:3-17,2008 (arXiv:hep-ph/0607268)

  • Strong CP problem and axion Phenomenology, Proceedings of the DAE Symp. on Nucl. Phys. 58 (2013) (pdf)

See also

On flavour physics, CP violation and flavour anomalies:

  • Antonio Pich, Flavour Dynamics and Violations of the CP Symmetry, Lectures at the 2017 and 2019 CERN - Latin-American Schools of High-Energy Physics (arXiv:1805.08597)

Discussion in the context of string theory is in

Discussion specificlly in the context of M-theory on G2-manifolds/G2-MSSM is in (Svrcek-Witten 06, section 6) and

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