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Selected writings

Selected writings

On double dimensional reduction of the M5-brane to the D4-brane:

On brane intersection laws of M-branes:

On black\,D8-brane-solutions in massive type IIA supergravity/massive type IIA string theory:

On massive type IIA string theory and its embedding in M-theory via M9-branes:

On the KK-monopole in massive D=11 supergravity, reducing to the D6-brane in massive type IIA string theory:

More on M9-branes:

Formulation of (Lagrangian densities for) type II supergravity with “democratic”/“pregeometricRR-fields subject to self-duality:

On the non-abelian DBI action:

On open M5-branes intersecting M9-branes in a Yang monopole:

On defect branes:

On black branes/solitonic exotic branes and their double dimensional reduction:

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