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A Lorentzian orbifold is an orbifold with Lorentzian structure, hence like a Lorentzian manifold but possibly with singularities modeled on fixed points of local actions of finite groups by Lorentz transformations.


Discussion of Lorentzian orbifolds as target spacetimes in string theory:

Classification of compact 2d Lorentzian orbifolds:

  • N. I. Zhukova, E. A. Rogozhina, Classification of compact lorentzian 2-orbifolds with noncompact full isometry groups, Sib Math J 53, 1037–1050 (2012) (doi:10.1134/S0037446612060080)

conformal maps between Lorentzian orbifolds:

  • N. I. Zhukova, The influence of stratification on the groups of conformal transformations of pseudo-Riemannian orbifolds, Ufa Mathematical Journal Volume 10, Number 2 (2018) pp. 44-57 (doi:10.13108/2018-10-2-44)

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