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A complex Lie group is a Lie group that is a group object not just internal to smooth manifolds but in fact to complex manifolds. Hence it is a complex manifold GG equipped with a group structure such that both the multiplication map G×GGG \times G \to G as well as the inverse map GGG \to G are holomorphic functions.


Relation to almost complex structure

One can also consider groups in almost complex manifolds. But every almost complex Lie group is automatically also a complex Lie group.

Complexification of compact Lie groups

For KK a compact Lie group there is a unique connected complex Lie group GG such that

  1. the Lie algebra of GG is the complexification of the Lie algebra of KK:

    Lie(G)Lie(K) , Lie(G) \simeq Lie(K) \otimes_{\mathbb{R}} \mathbb{C} \,,
  2. KK is a maximal compact subgroup of GG.

This GG is called the complexification of KK.

Oka property


(coset spaces of complex Lie groups are Oka manifolds)
Every complex Lie group and every coset space (homogeneous space) of complex Lie groups is an Oka manifold.

(review in Forstnerič & Lárusson 11, p. 9, Forstnerič 2013, Thm. 2.6)


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