Zoran Skoda

ncg label includes noncommutative algebra, noncommutative geometry, localization, descent theory and related entries from category theory

in zoran’s lab: Beck's theorem, seminar koprstenovi i teorija silaska, semicommutative scheme, semicommutative formal scheme, symmetric ordering for Lie algebras, distributive law for idempotent monad, global Hopf-Galois extension, domain globalization of functors, gluing categories from localizations, Fock module and smash product, coproduct for Ugln dual, coproduct from exponentials, gl2 linear realization, formula for beta, diamond lemma, reflektivna potkategorija, hom kvantne grupe, cleft extension of a space cover

noncommutative geometry in nnLab includes: Alexander Rosenberg, Fred van Oystaeyen, Gabriel-Rosenberg theorem, Gelfand duality, Matilde Marcolli, affine morphism, equivariant noncommutative algebraic geometry, monad in algebraic geometry,noncommutative algebraic geometry, noncommutative motive, noncommutative principal bundle, noncommutative projective geometry, noncommutative scheme, noncommutative sheaf, noncommutative thin scheme, noncommutative vector bundle, operator algebra, Q-category, quantum group, quantum homogeneous space, regular differential operator in noncommutative geometry, schematic algebra, sheaf on a noncommutative space, spectral cookbook, spectral theory, spectrum of a triangulated category, spectrum of an abelian category

Hopf algebras, and gebras in nLab include:bialgebra, Hopf algebra, comonoid, bimonoid, coalgebra, comonad, coring, Sweedler coring, cocategory, coaction, corepresentation, coinvariant, comodule algebra, cotensor product, induced comodule, module algebra, Hopf module, crossed product algebra, Hopf-Galois extension, measuring, cleft extension, quantum group, matrix Hopf algebra, Hopf envelope, bialgebroid, Hopf algebroid, distributive law, convolution algebra, Heisenberg double, noncommutative thin scheme, Lie bialgebra, Tannaka duality, quasi-Hopf algebra

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