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In the field of quantum chromodynamics, what is known as Symanzik’s effective field theory (Symanzik 82, Symanzik 83) is a type of effective field theory used in lattice QCD in order to deal with lattice-spacing effects.

In lattice QCD, the extraction of hadronic observables involves setting a scale for a particular lattice action functional with given sea-quark configurations. This involves the extrapolation of the dimensionless product of various quantities, such as gradient-flow scales and the omega baryon mass, to the continuum and infinite volume limit. This is in turn, interpolated to quark mass points in the isospin limit. These extrapolation functions must incorporate:

  1. Light and Strange Quark Mass Dependence

  2. Finite Volume Corrections

  3. Discretization Corrections

Symanzik’s effective field theory is constructed by expanding the discretized action about the continuum limit.

effective field theories of nuclear physics, hence for confined-phase quantum chromodynamics:


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See also:

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