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See most references on electromagnetism, e.g. these articles

  • G. Russakoff, A Derivation of the Macroscopic Maxwell Equations, American Journal of Physics 38 (1970) 1188–1195 [doi:10.1119/1.1976000]

  • O. L. de Lange, R. E. Raab Surprises in the multipole description of macroscopic electrodynamics, American Journal of Physics 74 (2006) 301–312 [doi:10.1119/1.2151213]

or these textbook accounts:

See also

The “constitutive equations” are referred to as the “material-affinor” in:

The actual terminology “constitutive relation” appears in

and constitutive map in:

Maxwell’s equations via differential forms

On the expression of classical electromagnetism, and especially of Maxwell's equations, in terms of differential forms, the de Rham differential and Hodge star operators:

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