nLab moduli space of framed manifolds




The moduli space Σ fr\mathcal{M}^{fr}_{\Sigma} of framings on a given manifold Σ\Sigma.

The homotopy type of the connected component of any fixed framing ϕ\phi is

| Σ fr| ϕBΓ fr(Σ,ϕ), {\vert \mathcal{M}^{fr}_{\Sigma} \vert}_\phi \simeq B \Gamma^{fr}(\Sigma,\phi) \,,

where Γ fr(Σ,ϕ)Γ(Σ,or(ϕ))\Gamma^{fr}(\Sigma,\phi)\hookrightarrow \Gamma(\Sigma, or(\phi)) is the subgroup of the mapping class group of Σ\Sigma (for the given orientation) which fixes the isotopy class of the framing [ϕ][\phi].

In particular this is a homotopy 1-type for every ϕ\phi, and so the whole

| Σ fr|=[ϕ]| Σ fr| ϕ {\vert \mathcal{M}^{fr}_{\Sigma} \vert} = \underset{[\phi]}{\coprod} {\vert \mathcal{M}^{fr}_{\Sigma} \vert}_\phi

is a homotopy 1-type.

(Randal-Williams 10, section 1.1, 2.2)

moduli spaces



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Moduli space of framed surfaces

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