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The original articles:

Further development:

  • Mari Carmen Banuls, Michal P. Heller, Karl Jansen, Johannes Knaute, Viktor Svensson, From spin chains to real-time thermal field theory using tensor networks (arXiv:1912.08836)

    (relation to tensor networks)


For single trace operators in super Yang-Mills theory

Identifiication of spin chain dynamics in the action of the dilatation operator in super Yang-Mills theory, specifically D=4 N=4 super Yang-Mills theory, on single trace operators/BMN operators and correspondence to Green-Schwarz superstrings on AdS5 under the AdS-CFT correspondence:

Review includes

For D3-D7 brane bound states and D3-D5 brane bound states:

  • Marius de Leeuw, Tamás Gombor, Charlotte Kristjansen, Georgios Linardopoulos, Balázs Pozsgay, Spin Chain Overlaps and the Twisted Yangian (arXiv:1912.09338)

On supersymmetric spin chains carrying braid group representations (“anyons”):

  • Indrajit Jana, Filippo Montorsi, Pramod Padmanabhan, Diego Trancanelli, Topological Quantum Computation on Supersymmetric Spin Chains [arXiv:2209.03822]

On topological phases (i.e. gapped ground states) of spin chains:

On simulation of quantum spin chains on quantum computers:

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