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In solid state physics a strange metal is a metallic phase of matter which is not described well by Landau's Fermi liquid theory of small perturbations about the Fermi sea.

Known strange metals exhibit topological order in that their ground state has long-range entanglement (a topological phase of matter). Instead of by Fermi liquid theory, strange metals are well described by AdS/CFT in condensed matter physics.



See also:

  • Wikipedia, Non-Fermi liquids

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More on relation of strange metals to high-temperature superconductivity:

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Relation of strange metals/high-temperature superconductors to confinement:

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Discussion of strange metals/high-temperature superconductors via AdS/CFT in condensed matter physics:

via the SYK model:

On strange metals, high T cT_c-superconductors and AdS/CMT duality:

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