Graphene is one of solid phases of carbon, namely single-layer honeycomb lattice, single layer version of graphene; it may be planar but also made into tubes etc.

The modern discovery of graphene (Geim and Novoselov obtained Nobel price; the discovery intentionally given free to the world, and not patented!)

  • Novoselov K. S., Geim A. K., Morozov S. V., Jiang D., Zhang Y., Dubonos S. V., Gregorieva I. V., Firsov A. A., Electric field effect in atomically thin carbon films, Science 306, no. 5696, pp. 666-669 (2004) doi

The 2+1 dim Dirac equation is used in modeling graphene:

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  • MarĂ­a A. H. Vozmediano, Renormalization group aspects of graphene, pdf

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