nLab Five lectures on supersymmetry


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on superalgebra, supergeometry and supersymmetry.

See in conjunction also:

  • Daniel Freed, Classical field theory and supersymmetry, IAS/Park City Mathematics Series 11 (2001) [pdf]


with its section


Lecture 1. What are fermions?

Lecture 2. Lagrangians and Symmetries

Lecture 3. Supersymmetry in Various Dimensions

Lecture 4. Theories with Two Supersymmetries

σ\sigma-models and gauge theories

The superspacetime M 3|2M^{3|2}

Supersymmetric σ\sigma-model in 3 dimensions

A supersymmetric potential

  • superpotential?

Dimensional reduction to n=2n = 2 dimensions

Dimensional reduction to n=1n = 1

Gauge theory of M 3|2M^{3|2}

Lecture 5. Theories with More Supersymmetry

Fundamental vs. effective Lagrangians

Dimensional reduction of gauge fields

Quantum particles in n=4n = 4 dimensions

The superspacetime M 4|4M^{4|4}

Supersymmetric σ\sigma-model on M 4|4M^{4|4}

The superpotential

  • superpotential?

Gauge theory on M 4|4M^{4|4}

The general theory on M 4|4M^{4|4}

Dimensional reduction of theories with s=3s = 3 and s=4s = 4 supersymmetries

Theories with s=8s = 8 supersymmetries


Theories with s=16s = 16 supersymmetries

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