nLab Five lectures on supersymmetry


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on superalgebra, supergeometry and supersymmetry.

See in conjunction also

  • Daniel Freed, Classical field theory and supersymmetry, IAS/Park City Mathematics Series

    Volume 11, 2001 (pdf)


with its section


Lecture 1. What are fermions?

Lecture 2. Lagrangians and Symmetries

Lecture 3. Supersymmetry in Various Dimensions

Lecture 4. Theories with Two Supersymmetries

σ\sigma-models and gauge theories

The superspacetime M 3|2M^{3|2}

Supersymmetric σ\sigma-model in 3 dimensions

A supersymmetric potential

  • superpotential?

Dimensional reduction to n=2n = 2 dimensions

Dimensional reduction to n=1n = 1

Gauge theory of M 3|2M^{3|2}

Lecture 5. Theories with More Supersymmetry

Fundamental vs. effective Lagrangians

Dimensional reduction of gauge fields

Quantum particles in n=4n = 4 dimensions

The superspacetime M 4|4M^{4|4}

Supersymmetric σ\sigma-model on M 4|4M^{4|4}

The superpotential

  • superpotential?

Gauge theory on M 4|4M^{4|4}

The general theory on M 4|4M^{4|4}

Dimensional reduction of theories with s=3s = 3 and s=4s = 4 supersymmetries

Theories with s=8s = 8 supersymmetries


Theories with s=16s = 16 supersymmetries

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