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on renormalization and BV-quantization of effective quantum field theory of those quantum field theories whose action functional can be brought into “BV-CS formS(ϕ)=ϕ,Qϕ+I(ϕ)S(\phi) = \langle \phi, Q \phi\rangle + I(\phi).

Much of the content is based on the article

which focuses on Chern-Simons theory, as well as

which focuses on Yang-Mills theory.

The methods of the book are designed to allow to construct quantum field theories in the form of factorization algebras of observables (see there for more details) as discussed in


1) Introduction


2) Theories, Lagrangians and counterterms

3) Field theories on n\mathbb{R}^n

4) Renormalizability

5) Gauge theory and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism

6) Renormalizability of Yang-Mills theory

Appendix: Asymptotics of graph integrals

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