nLab type 0 string theory




In string theory type 0 refers to a kind of perturbative string theory where the strings themselves are superstrings (hence have supersymmetry on their worldsheet) but their target spacetime effective field theory is not supersymmetric, in fact does not even contain any fermion fields.

Technically, this comes from one particular choice of GSO projection of the superstring which breaks all target space supersymmetry, in contrast to the other choices of GSO projection which give the type IIA string theory, type IIB string theory.


Application to a variant of AdS-CFT duality, or rather AdS-QCD correspondence:

  • Roberto Grena, Simone Lelli, Michele Maggiore, Anna Rissone, Confinement, asymptotic freedom and renormalons in type 0 string duals, JHEP 0007 (2000) 005 (arXiv:hep-th/0005213)

  • Mohammad Akhond, Adi Armoni, Stefano Speziali, Phases of U(N c)U(N_c) QCD 3QCD_3 from Type 0 Strings and Seiberg Duality (arxiv:1908.04324)

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