nLab topological M-theory




Many aspects of the theory of “topological strings” (the A-model and the B-model) proceed in close analogy (just simpler) to the “physical” string theory. Accordingly, as the latter can usefully be organized as the dimensional reduction of a conjectured UV-completion of 11-dimensional supergravityM-theory – there seems to be an analogous higher dimensional organizational principle for topological strings, hence termed topological M-theory.

One way to understand it is as a TQFT-analog of the M2-brane sigma-model, the topological membrane.


The notion has been introduced in

Under the term “Z-theory” aspects were discussed in


The topological membrane is made explicit in

Relation to topological string theory:

Relation to BTZ black holes:

  • Javier Chagoya, Graciela Reyes-Ahumada, M. Sabido, BTZ entropy from topological M-theory (arXiv:2011.01094)

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