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The LHCb experiment is one detector/experiment within the Large Hadron Collider (“LHC”) with focus on the physics of B-mesons (similar to the Belle experiment).

After the discovery of the Higgs field at the two major other detectors of LHC, the LHCb experiment currently stands out as seeing (together with the Belle experiment and the BaBar experiment) hints for physics beyond the standard model of particle physics with considerable statistical significance: the flavour anomalies (see there for more).

Selected publications

On flavour anomalies

On flavour anomalies:


  • Niels Tuning, Recent results from LHCb, Nikhef 2020 (nikhef event:2253, pdf, pdf)

    In recent years a number of results in flavour physics have drawn some attention due to tensions with respect to Standard Model predictions. An overview of these results will be shown, together with a few recent results from this Spring, both on the flavour anomalies and ‘classical’ flavour physics

Claim that the apparent R KR_K-anomalies were due to mis-identification of hadronic backgrounds:

On tetraquarks

On tetraquarks:

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