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A quark-gluon plasma is a certain phase of QCD which is a plasma? of quarks and gluons.



Discussion in the broader context of non-perturvative effects in QCD is in

  • Edward Shuryak, Nonperturbative QCD and Quark-Gluon Plasma, lectures at Trieste, 2001 (pdf)

Further disucssion in relation to instantons in QCD includes

  • Nikolai Kochelev, Ultra-light Glueballs in Quark-Gluon Plasma (arXiv:1501.07002)

See also

Description via AdS/CFT

Description via AdS/CFT (see at string theory results applied elsewhere):

Expositions and reviews include

Orinal articles include:

  • Hovhannes R. Grigoryan, Paul M. Hohler, Mikhail A. Stephanov, Towards the Gravity Dual of Quarkonium in the Strongly Coupled QCD Plasma (arXiv:1003.1138)

  • Brett McInnes, Holography of the Quark Matter Triple Point (arXiv:0910.4456)

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