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The Belle experiment is an experiment with focus on the physics of B-mesons (similar to the LHCb experiment, see also the BaBar experiment).

After the discovery of the Higgs field at the two major other detectors of LHC, these B-meson experiments currently stand out as seeing hints for physics beyond the standard model of particle physics with considerable statistical significance: the flavour anomalies (see Adamczyk 19)



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Outlook for Belle II to confirm the flavour anomalies, if they are real:

  • Tobias Huber, Tobias Hurth, Jack Jenkins, Enrico Lunghi, Qin Qin, K.Keri Vos, Phenomenology of inclusive B¯X s + \bar B \to X_s \ell^+ \ell^- for the Belle II era (arXiv:2007.04191)

With [[]] Belle II, we are at the brink of a new era in quark flavour physics [...][...] we present a phenomenological study of the potential for Belle II to reveal possible new physics in the inclusive decay channel.

(p. 15:) We see that anomalies in the exclusive sector can be confirmed at the level by inclusive measurements if the true values of C 9,10 μNPC_{9,10}^{\mu NP} are at the current best-fit point of the exclusive fits

(p. 16:) After including B sμ +μ B_s \to \mu^+ \mu_-, the reach in the [C 9 μNP,C 10 μNP][C_9^{\mu NP}, C_{10}^{\mu NP}] plane improves considerably. Exclusive anomalies could be confirmed at the level.

(p. 20:) Should the true value of C 9 NPC_9^{NP} and C 10 NPC_{10}^{NP} be at the current best-fit points of the global fits, an analysis of inclusive B¯ X s + \bar B_ \to X_s \ell^+ \ell^- at Belle II with 50ab 150 ab^{-1} of data will exclude the SM point C 9 NP=C 10 NP=0C_9^{NP} = C_{10}^{NP} = 0 at the level of 5\sim 5σ. This again underlines the necessity of a full angular analysis of B¯ X s + \bar B_ \to X_s \ell^+ \ell^- at Belle II.

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