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In particle physics, what is called the V cbpuzzleV_{cb}-puzzle (see GJS 19 for the status as of May 2019) is an observation about the decay of B-mesons (by the Belle collaboration and other experiments) which implies a value of the element |V cb|\left\vert V_{c b}\right\vert in the CKM matrix that differs from the apparent prediction of the standard model of particle physics with a statistical significance of about 3σ3 \sigma. But the form factors involved in this prediction suffer from theoretical uncertainties of quark contributions, and further lattice QCD-computation is expected to be required to clarify the actual prediction of the standard model of particle physics (GJS 19, last sentence).

The V cbV_{c b}-puzzle is different from, but related to, the flavour anomalies (GJS 19 (6))


  • Paolo Gambino, Martin Jung, Stefan Schacht, The V cbV_{c b} puzzle: an update (arXiv:1905.08209)

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