Picard 2-group


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The Picard groupoid PIC(𝒞,)PIC(\mathcal{C}, \otimes) of a monoidal category (𝒞,)(\mathcal{C}, \otimes) is its full subcategory on the objects that are invertible objects under the tensor operation. This inherits the monoidal structure from (𝒞,)(\mathcal{C}, \otimes) and hence becomes a 2-group. This is the Picard 2-group of (𝒞,)(\mathcal{C}, \otimes).

In geometric contexts this is also called the Picard stack.


Relation to Picard group

The decategorification of the Picard 2-group, hence the group of connected components, is the ordinary Picard group Pic(𝒞,)Pic(\mathcal{C}, \otimes).

Pic(𝒞,)π 0PIC(𝒞,). Pic(\mathcal{C}, \otimes) \simeq \pi_0 PIC(\mathcal{C}, \otimes) \,.

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