nLab equivariant MFr




The equivariant version of framed bordism theory, represented by the equivariant sphere spectrum, dually given by equivariant stable Cohomotopy.

flavors of bordism homology theories/cobordism cohomology theories, their representing Thom spectra and cobordism rings:

bordism theory\;M(B,f) (B-bordism):

relative bordism theories:

equivariant bordism theory:

global equivariant bordism theory:



Proof that equivariant framed bordism homology theory is co-represented by the equivariant sphere spectrum:

  • Czes Kosniowski, Equivariant Stable Homotopy and Framed Bordism, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society Vol. 219 (1976), pp. 225-234 (jstor:1997591)

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