nLab equivariant bordism homology theory



Cobordism theory

Representation theory



The refinement of bordism homology theory to equivariant stable homotopy theory.

flavors of bordism homology theories/cobordism cohomology theories, their representing Thom spectra and cobordism rings:

bordism theory\;M(B,f) (B-bordism):

relative bordism theories:

equivariant bordism theory:

global equivariant bordism theory:



Original discussion of equivariant cobordism classes of manifolds:

Original discussion of equivariant Thom spectra:

Original discussion of the relation between equivariant bordism classes of manifolds and equivariant Thom spectra:

On the Conner-Floyd isomorphism in equivariant cohomology theory, relating relating equivariant cobordism cohomology to equivariant K-theory:


  • Stefan Schwede, Equivariant bordism from the global perspective, 2015 (pdf, pdf)

  • Michael Wiemeler, Equivariant bordism and applications in Differential Geometry, talk at Math Coll. Augsburg (Jan 2016) [pdf, pdf]

Discussion in global equivariant homotopy theory:

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