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The differential equation encoded by a Dirac operator.

The equations of motion of the Dirac field.


Textbook account on the relativistic Dirac equation in 3+1d Minkowski spacetime:

See also:

The path integral approach to the Dirac equation:

  • Takashi Ichinose, Hiroshi Tamura, Path Integral Approach to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: Two-Dimensional Dirac Equation, Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, Volume 92, April 1987, Pages 144–175, doi.

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  • Wataru Ichinose, Notes on the Feynman path integral for the Dirac equation, Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications 9, 789–809 (2018), doi.

The Dirac equation in a gravitational Schwarzschild spacetime background:

  • Paul M. Alsing, Bound states of the Dirac equation in Schwarzschild spacetime: an exploration of intuition for the curious student [arXiv:2207.00905]

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