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Kazama-Suzuki models are 2d SCFTs which generalize the class of Gepner models. Instead of trivial tensoring of minimal models, Kazana-Suzuki models are built by a superconformal coset space method to yield a central charge as needed for internal consistency of Superstring compactification.

The method involves a generalized form of N=1 SCFT super current algebra to yield OPEs of N=2 2d SCFT. This yields a class of 2d SCFTs based on Hermitian manifold symmetric spaces.


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  • S. E. Parkhomenko, Kazama-Suzuki Models of N=2 Superconformal Field Theory and Manin triples (arxiv:1410.2977)

  • Davide Gaiotto, Kazama-Suzuki models and BPS domain wall junctions in N=1N=1 SU(n)SU(n) Super Yang-Mills (arxiv:1306.5661)

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