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For XX a smooth manifold and T *XXT^* X \to X its cotangent bundle, there is a unique differential 1-form on T *XT^* X itself,

θΩ 1(T *X) \theta \in \Omega^1(T^* X)

with the property that under the isomorphism

j:Γ(T *X)Ω 1(X) j \;\colon\; \Gamma(T^* X) \stackrel{\simeq}{\to} \Omega^1(X)

between differential 1-forms and smooth sections of the cotangent bundle we have for every smooth section σΓ(T *X)\sigma \in \Gamma(T^* X) the identification

σ *θ=j(σ) \sigma^* \theta = j(\sigma)

between the pullback of θ\theta along σ\sigma and the 1-form corresponding to σ\sigma under jj.

This unique differential 1-form θΩ 1(T *X)\theta \in \Omega^1(T^* X) is called the Liouville form or Poincaré 1-form or canonical form or tautological form on the cotangent bundle.

The de Rham differential ωdθ\omega \coloneqq d \theta is a symplectic form. Hence every cotangent bundle is canonically a symplectic manifold.

On a coordinate chart n\mathbb{R}^n of XX with canonical coordinate functions denoted (x i)(x^i), the cotangent bundle over the chart is T * n n× nT^\ast \mathbb{R}^n \simeq \mathbb{R}^n \times \mathbb{R}^n with canonical coordinates ((x i),(p j))((x^i), (p_j)). In these coordinates the canonical 1-form is (using Einstein summation convention)

θ=p idx i \theta = p_i d x^i

and hence the symplectic form is

ω=dp idq i. \omega = d p_i \wedge d q^i \,.

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