nLab M-theory on Sp(1)-manifolds




The KK-compactification of M-theory/string theory on spacetime manifolds with G-structure for G=G = Sp(1), notably on the product space K3×T2K3 \times T2 of a K3-surface with a 2-torus.

KK-compactification of M-theory


For type IIA string theory:

  • Bastiaan Spanjaard, Compactifications of IIA Supergravity on SU(2)SU(2)-Structure Manifolds, 2008 (pdf)

  • Thomas Danckaert, Type IIA orientifolds on SU(2)SU(2)-structure Manifolds, 2010 (pdf)

  • Thomas Danckaert, Jan Louis, Type IIA orientifold compactification on SU(2)-structure manifolds, JHEP 1001:105, 2010 (arXiv:0911.5697)

For heterotic string theory:

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