nLab M-theory on hyperbolic manifolds



String theory

Riemannian geometry



The Kaluza-Klein compactification of 11-dimensional supergravity/M-theory on fibers which are hyperbolic manifolds.

This appears naturally as the near horizon geometry of S-branes, see there. Then there are M5-branes wrapped on hyperbolic 3-manifolds yielding the 3d-3d correspondence (Gang-Kim-Lee 15, (2.2)).

KK-compactification of M-theory


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See also

  • Alan S. Cornell, Hyperbolic extra-dimensions in particle physics and beyond (arXiv:1506.05598)

Discussion on M5-branes wrapped on hyperbolic 3-space in the context of 3d-3d correspondence:

  • Dongmin Gang, Nakwoo Kim, Sangmin Lee, Holography of 3d-3d correspondence at Large N, JHEP04 (2015) 091 (arXiv:1409.6206)

Discussion in a context of cosmology with an eye towards de Sitter spacetimes:

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