nLab black ring




The Einstein equations for gravity in dimension 5\geq 5 admit black hole solutions whose event horizon is not homeomorphic to an n-sphere, but has different topology. In particular in 5d-gravity and 5d supergravity there are solutions with topology S 1×S 2S^1 \times S^2. These are called black rings.

Their KK-reduction down to 4 dimensions yields again ordinary black holes. This plays a central role in the discussion of black holes in string theory.


The first black ring solution was found, in D=5 gravity, in

The first black ring solution was found, in D=5 supergravity, in:


Dimensional reduction to black holes in D=4 gravity:

On non-uniqueness:

As intersecting black M5-branes wrapped on a 4-manifold times the black ring’s circle:


More in the context of D1-D5-brane bound states

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