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Lie theory, ∞-Lie theory

differential equations, variational calculus

Chern-Weil theory, ∞-Chern-Weil theory

Cartan geometry (super, higher)



The Cartan geometry induced by parabolic subgroup inclusions is called parabolic geometry.

Parabolic geometries are Cartan geometries of type (G,P)(G, P), where GG is a semisimple Lie group and PGP \subset G is a parabolic subgroup. The corresponding homogeneous spaces G/PG/P are the so–called generalized flag manifolds which are among the most important examples of homogeneous spaces. Under the conditions of regularity and normality, parabolic geometries always are equivalent to underlying structures. (Cap 05)

Parabolic geometries include conformal geometry, projective geometry, almost quaternionic structures, almost Grassmannian structures, hypersurface type CR structures, systems of 2nd order ODEs, and various bracket-generating distributions. An example of a Cartan geometry that is not parabolic is Riemannian geometry.

A key application of parabolic Cartan geometry is to the construction of curved generalizations of the BGG resolution.

All parabolic geometries admit a fundamental curvature quantity called harmonic curvature κ H\kappa_H, which is a complete obstruction to flatness. The Weyl tensor is the specific instance of κ H\kappa_H in conformal geometry.



General discussion includes

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Relation to twistor spaces is discussed in

Discussion of BGG sequences in parabolic geometry includes

for more see the references at BGG resolution – References – Curved generalization to parabolic Cartan geometries.

See also

A relation to Courant Lie 2-algebroids is discussed in

  • Stuart Armstrong, Rongmin Lu, Courant Algebroids in Parabolic Geometry (arXiv:1112.6425)

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See also

  • Olivier Biquard, Rafe Mazzeo, Parabolic geometries as conformal infinities of Einstein metrics, Archivum Mathematicum, vol. 42 (2006), issue 5, pp. 85-104 (dml, pdf)

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