volume conjecture




For knot complements

The original volume conjecture states that a certain limit of the colored Jones polynomial of a knot KK gives the simplicial volume of its complement in the 3-sphere.

lim N(2πlog|V N(K;q=e 2πiN)|N)=vol(K). lim_{N \to \infty}\left(\frac{2 \pi log |V_N(K; q = e^{\frac{2 \pi i}{N}})|}{N}\right) = vol(K).

Here V N(K;q)V_N(K; q) is the ratio of the values of the NN-colored Jones polynomial of KK and of the unknot

V N(K;q)=J N(K;q)J N(;q). V_N(K; q) = \frac{J_N(K; q)}{J_N(\bigcirc; q)}.

The simplicial volume of a knot complement can be found via its unique torus decomposition into hyperbolic pieces and Seifert fibered pieces by a system of tori. The simplicial volume is then the sum of the hyperbolic volumes of the hyperbolic pieces of the decomposition.


More generally, volume conjectures state convergence of something like the Chern-Simons theory quantum invariant (realized notably via Reshetikhin-Turaev construction or Turaev-Viro construction) on hyperbolic 3-manifolds to the complex volume (for Reshetikhin-Turaev) or to the plain volume (for Turaev-Viro).

See (Chen-Yang 15)


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Generalization to Reshetikhin-Turaev construction on closed manifold, to the Turaev-Viro construction on manifolds with boundary, and to more general roots of unity than considered before is in

Review includes

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Discussion in string theory includes

A conceptual explanation of the volume conjecture was proposed in

(but it seems that as a sketch or strategy for a rigorous proof, it didn’t catch on).

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