nLab Handbook of Quantum Gravity

This page compiles pointers to material contained in the (upcoming) book collection:

on aspects of quantum gravity.


for the time being in no particular order

On perturbative quantum gravity:

Viewed as an effective quantum field theory:

On gauge invariant renormalization of perturbative quantum gravity:

On renormalization of perturbative quantum gravity with higher curvature corrections:

On gravitational waves in quantum gravity:

On black hole thermodynamics in perturbative quantum gravity:

On the soft graviton theorem:

On D-branes:

On the pure spinor Berkovits superstring:

On moduli stabilization in string theory:

On supergravity:

On the usage of pure spinor superfields in maximal supergravity:

On D=4 N=1 supergravity formulated via superspace:

On D=4 N=2 supergravity formulated via superspace:

On the D'Auria-Fré formulation of supergravity:

On scattering amplitudes in supergravity via “double copyKLT relations:

Review of U-duality and exceptional generalized geometry in KK-compactification of D=11 supergravity:

On quantum anomalies and the Green-Schwarz mechanism:

On the super-embedding formalism for Green-Schwarz superstrings and super p p -branes:

On asymptotic safety:

On black holes in the context of asymptotic safety:

On non-locality:

On causal dynamical triangulation:

On Hořava–Lifshitz gravity?:

  • Andrei O. Barvinsky, Horava models as palladium of unitarity and renormalizability in quantum gravity [arXiv:2301.13580]

On the locally covariant pAQFT approach to effective quantum gravity and applications to experiment:

On the conceptual foundations of loop quantum gravity:

On interactions between quantum gravity and quantum information and applications to loop quantum gravity:

On adaptations of Open Effective Theories in gravitational settings:

Reviews the relationship between 2D casual dynamical triangulations and 2D projectable HL quantum gravity:

Discusses the impact of asymptotic safety on quantum effective action:

Reviews the functional f(R)f(R) approximations in asymptotic safety:

On boundary charges and non-perturbative quantum gravity:

In terms of causal sets:

On Covariant Growth Dynamics and causal sets theory:

A pedagogical introduction to N=1N=1 supergravity/supersymmetry in relation to particle physics:

On the structure and couplings of supergravity theories at the component level:

A status report on black hole-like solutions in non-local theories of gravity:

On random geometry and applications to higher dimensional Euclidean quantum gravity:

On infrared and ultraviolet limits of four dimensional Casual Dynamical Triangulations:

On how to understand long-wavelength fluctuations produced by accelerating cosmological backgrounds:

Reviews recent constructions of different non-Lorentzian supergravity theories in various dimensions:

Reviews numerical methods and their applications for calculations in spin foam theory:

On a formulation of entanglement entropy of a quantum scalar field in terms of two-point correlation functions and its applications to casual set theory:

On string phenomenology constructions of four-dimensional vacua of type II string theory and F-theory which yield something similar to the Standard Model or extensions thereof (MSSM):

On field-theoretical treatments of General Relativity based on an EFT extension of the Einstein-Hilbert action:

Reviews frameworks developed for perturbation theory in loop quantum cosmology and applications:

On the EFT description of gravitating compact objects:

A non-expert introduction to the EFT of large scale structure:

On the basics of N = 2 N=2 , 4D conformal and Einstein supergravities in the harmonic superspace approach:

On the state of the art of black hole entropy in loop quantum gravity:

Describes how one can go from dynamical triangulations to quantum gravity:

A pedagogical introduction to the gravitational asymptotic safety program with a focus on conceptual issues:

On loop quantum gravity and quantum Riemannian geometry:

An introduction to Unimodular gravity at the classical and quantum level and applications to the cosmological constant problem:

On generic random trees and two-dimensional causal triangulations:

On renormalization and spin foams:

On spherically symmetric midi-superspaces in loop quantum gravity:

An overview on the use of Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations and Causal Dynamical Triangulations as lattice regularizations of quantum gravity:

On string diagram techniques for spin network states in loop quantum gravity:

On heterotic string phenomenology:

On the super-embedding formalism for describing super p-branes:


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