nLab O4-plane




In type IIA string theory an O4-plane is an orientifold plane (“O-plane”) of dimension 4+14+1, hence of the same dimension as D4-branes, but carrying opposite D-brane charge.


Lift to the MO5-plane in M-theory

Under duality between M-theory and type IIA string theory, for KK-compactification along a circle-fiber parallel to an MO5-plane, a plain MO5-plane in M-theory becomes the O4-plane, specifically the O 4O^- 4-plane, while an MO5 with an M5-brane on top of it becomes the O +4O^+ 4-plane (Gimon 9, Sec. III8,Hanany-Kol 00, Sec. 3.1).




Relation to MO5-planes

Relation of the MO5-plane to the O4-plane under duality between M-theory and type IIA string theory:

String phenomenology with intersecting D-branes

string phenomenology on intersecting D4-branes on O4-planes geometrically engineering QFTs close to the standard model of particle physics:

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